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Electric AGA Range Cooker Repairs

Welcome to the home of the independent electric AGA Range Cooker engineer!
Aga RepairsI am a specialist in electric AGA Range Cooker servicing and repairs and am a fully qualified electrician a with over 14 years of experience working on the electric AGA Range Cooker.

I carry a large amount of electric AGA Range Cooker spares for both the 13 amp and the 30 amp electric AGA Range Cooker models and therefore have a high rate of fixing your AGA Range Cooker on my first visit.

For Electric AGA Range Cooker Servicing and repairs I cover Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. I will venture further afield but additional mileage charges will apply.

30 amp electric
AGA Range Cooker
The 30 amp electric AGA Range Cooker has been around for almost a quarter of century. It uses night time cheap rate electricity to heat highly efficient heat storage bricks which slowly dissipate heat into your ovens and hot plates during the day so you can use the AGA Range Cooker whenever it suits you.
There is also no need for other appliances like a toaster, electric kettle tumble drier of slow cooker as this can all be done on the AGA Range Cooker.
The 30 amp electric AGA Range Cooker requires servicing/safety checking once a year. This is because the heat store bricks heat up to 725 degrees Celsius and some of the internal components need to be checked for the rare occurrence of early signs of heat damage.

13 amp electric AGA Range Cooker
The 13 amp electric AGA Range Cooker can either be controlled by a simple thermostat or by a programmer which can be set to allow 13 Amp Agathe AGA Range Cooker to reach cooking temperature at a required time. The programmer significantly reduces the running cost the AGA Range Cooker.
The 13 amp electric AGA Range Cooker has been proven to run very efficiently from solar panels.
Solar panels coupled with a programmer will significantly reduce your AGA Range Cooker running costs without interfering with the performance of the AGA Range Cooker.

13amp electric AGA Range Cooker conversions
If you are finding your gas or oil AGA Range Cooker  very expensive to run I can convert it to a 13 amp electric AGA Range Cooker and repack it with highly efficient insulation which will reduce the running costs significantly.
The electric AGA Range Cooker conversion kit I use is fully CE approved and can only be fitted by a fully trained AGA Range Cooker engineer.
It requires the  AGA Range Cooker to be fully dismantled and rebuilt back into a 13 amp electric  AGA Range Cooker cooker. I install additional insulation that help retain heat and replenishes your hot plates and ovens faster. The insulation also allows a nice heat to dissipate into the surrounding room.
I could also reduce your day to day running costs further by installing solar panels and optimising your  AGA Range Cooker  with a programmer to give you full control of your electric  AGA Range Cooker  .

AGA Range Cooker refurbishments
If your  AGA Range Cooker is looking a bit tired or is not the right colour for your proposed new kitchen let me refurbish it for you!
I can dismantle your  AGA Range Cooker  and have it re-enamelled to a colour of your choice.
I can also arrange for the ovens and hotplates to be shot blasted back to an original finish.
Your AGA Range Cooker can be brought back to a like new condition for a lot less than the cost of a new AGA Range Cooker.

Electric AGA Range Cooker companions and modules

Electric AGA Range Cooker companions and modules are really standard cookers with cast iron front plates and hob surrounds. I carry a range of thermostats and elements for companions and modules.
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